this precipice.

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rachel | eighteen | wisconsin
i belong deeply to myself.

i’m an angry kid. 
what i mean is, i am painfully weak, and i am trying to beat the weakness out of myself. and when i am abusing my body so consistently, i over- swing sometimes and i take out those people reaching to lower my fists. i feel so bad all the time.
what i wish everyone would understand is that every day i wake up and want to kiss the sun and i am just trying to stretch and kick the life out of these damn chains at my ankles. i am tired of being so down all of the time. do you think i can’t see these disorders do to my life? and what it puts the people in it through?
please just stop talking to me about it, i am exhausted, but i am so determined to win. and at this point, every stare on my back just feels like another force to overtake.